Bikers ‘hung up’ on mobile phone use at the wheel

Monday, 13 August 2012

32% of bikers find drivers using their mobile phone the most annoying habit

Lack of concentration on the roads due to mobile phone use is the biggest road angst for almost one-third of Britain’s bikers according to an insight from Bennetts, the UK’s No.1 Bike Insurance Specialist, following a poll on its Facebook page*.

With 28,333 accidents involving motorcyclists occurring in the UK every year**, 32% of those polled by Bennetts are frustrated that motorists are flouting the law by using their mobile phone whilst driving, which can affect drivers’ concentration and awareness of others on the road.

Despite accounting for 1% of road traffic, bikers fall victim to 20% of all fatalities on the roads** and the results of this poll showcase a number of driving habits which could contribute to these road accidents. The habits which could be deemed dangerous include not looking when pulling out of a junction or overtaking (23%), driving too close (12%) and lazy or no indicator use (10%). Behaviours which show motorists lack of awareness of bikers were evident on the list with 8% of motorcyclists irritated by drivers who deliberately close gaps to stop filtering (8%), opening car doors without checking (7%) or changing lanes (7%) without looking properly.

Casual littering is also a real bugbear amongst bikers with 3% stating that throwing cigarette butts is not only irritating but can also be dangerous.

Bikers biggest frustrations with road users


Mobile phone use


Pulling out of a junction or overtaking without looking


Driving too close


Lazy indication


Closing gaps to stop filtering


Changing lanes without checking


Opening car doors without checking


Throwing cigarette butts


Hannah Squirrell, Director of Marketing at Bennetts said “Drivers using their mobile phone at the wheel of any vehicle is extremely dangerous not only for motorcyclists but for all other road users.  Bikers are vulnerable at the best of times let alone when the roads are made even more hazardous, so the amount of accidents involving motorcycles can surely be reduced with the simplest change to driving habits.

* 943 Bennetts facebook users polled at - June 2012

** Department for Transport data (2000 – 2010)


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